Stone sinks Lavabo Batu Kali – a real river stone

Stone sinks Lavabo Batu Kali made of river stone.

stone sinks

Sink sizes [cm]:
diameter: 43 – 50 cm
height: 18 – 20 cm

Available made from stone:
natural river stone.

River stone sinks Lavabo Batu Kali are the sinks that always differ in shape. It is practically impossible to find two identical river stones. It’s one of these models which could not be more natural, due to material it is made of. Only the inside of the stone and the plughole is subjected to hand treatment, leaving the outside of the sink as natural as Mother Nature made it. The effects of fitting such bathroom sink in an interior or a SPA are positively surprising. Not only are they unique, but they create a perfect match with carefully selected stone tiles for floors and walls, such as our range of natural stone tiles and pebble tiles. It brings to mind the feeling that could only be found in wild nature.

This stone sink is one of our clients’ favorites, and we can’t blame them! It’s natural charm is just irresistible! Plus, it also has passed CE standards, as all of our stone basins.

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