Stone sinks IDS 005 made of marble

Square sinks IDS 005

square sinks

Sink sizes [cm] :

70 x 35 x 10

Available made from stone:

– marble (comes in 5 colours/shades)

Stone sinks increasingly replace traditional ceramic sinks in bathroom interiors located in private houses, residences, restaurants, hotels and SPA resorts. Good quality stone basins, with properly thick edges, aren’t that much more expensive than high quality ceramic sinks.Unlike ceramic sinks, stone sinks are not hollow inside, and are much more resistant agains accidental hits and damage. Among additional assets of┬ástone sinks are ┬ánaturalness and wide range of colours, shades and streaks, making the truly unique. This stone sink model IDS 005 preserves harmony of lines and ideal parities of edges and falls. Fitting this sink in your bathroom makes it the main point drawing attention and sight.

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