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Stone basins in cream marble for bathrooms

Ferox 513 stone sinks in cream marble

Stone sink in cream marble
Stone basin in cream marble from Lux4home.

Great bathroom ideas

Lux4home proudly presents bathroom sinks made from highest quality natural stone. Stone basins Ferox 513 model comes in many colours, including cream marble pictured here. If you are looking for bathroom ideas, or ideas for interior design, you have come to the right place! Natural stone is a great solution for bathroom interior and bathroom interior design, whether modern or classic, natural stone is so adaptive and natural it will fit every interior and design. Lux4home offers a wide range of hand made luxurious products made from natural stone – stone tiles, stone baths, stone sinks or stone claddings – you will find them all in our catalog.

Get in touch and ask for sinks and tiles!

Please contact Lux4home for more detailed information or for our complete catalog, or simply to talk about natural stone solutions that would suit your interior, whether in hotel, restaurant, house or SPA. Simply drop us a letter at contact@Lux4home.co.uk.