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Collection of stone sinks in sandstone and stone basins offered by Lux4home alongside stone tiles, marble tiles, pebble tiles, stone baths and natural stone tiles.

Stone sinks as an alternative for boring ceramic sinks

Stone sinks are the new black

Stone basins are gaining more and more votes over traditional white ceramic sinks. Let’s look into the reasons behind it, as well as the pros and cons of having stone sink in your carefully designed bathroom.

Stone sinks in interior design

The main reason why stone sinks are being more and more popular is their natural look. After seeing the same boring smooth white ceramic basins in every bathroom, some of us need a change. Stone sinks made of marble, sandstone and onyx are the answer – with their rough surface and natural warm look, they will make any bathroom really stand out from the crowd. Plus, they will perfectly fit in any bathroom design, regardless if it’s modern or classic, stone basins come in variety of colours and shapes and are made of marble, sandstone or onyx to ensure a wide range to choose from.

Stone basins vs time

Stone sinks are probably the most durable sinks available on the market. Compared to ceramic equivalents, they can endure much more, be it accidental smack or hot water, stone sinks are made of natural stone thick enough to endure. So go on, give your bathroom a touch of luxury with stone sinks from Lux4home, and just wait to raise the eyebrows of anyone lucky enough to see your bathroom!

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