Stone sinks in marble, sandstone or onyx – square Gratia 306

Stone sink Gratia 306 is a square beauty!

square sinks

Sink size [cm]:
45 x 35 x 20.

Available made of:
– onyx
– sandstone
– marble (5 different shades)

Stone sinks Gratia 306’s shape looks like a cylinder cut in half. Unlike others, these sinks are very deep and usually fitted in bathrooms restaurants, SPA resorts and hotels. This model is one of the hardest to make, after quarrying the stone block, the exact shape need to be extracted, including ideal measures, smoothness and angles.  This sink suits best strongly individual luxurious interiors, drawing attention to itself regardless where it is fitted.

We recommend, as an addition to our stone sinks, a range of over 900 models of stone  tiles, a wide range of pebble tiles,cut stone mosaics and stone baths (not suitable for all interiors due to their weight – please contact us for details).

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