Sinks made of stone – Ornatus 308 stone basins

Stone sinks Ornatus 308 made entirely of marble, sandstone or onyx!

square sink

Sink size [cm]:
40 x 50 x 12.5

Available made of stones:
– sandstone
– onyx
– marble (in 5 colors, picture below)

Square sinks Ornatus 308 are the example of precision and craft of indonesian craftsmen. Ideally straight and even, they replaced on many occasions traditional ceramic sinks, which during the process of burning out become slightly uneven and deformed. Our exclusive sinks draw your attention and sight regardless which stone they are made of. Their weight (approx. 45kg), size and design make you want to try and feel the surface.

Precision of workmanship of all of our stone sinks is, among other things, due to us having our own employee supervising every stage of production process of those beautiful exclusive bathroom sinks and elements.

Every sink in our offer is hand made to a high standard and have passed CE standards.

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