Using stone sinks when designing a bathroom

Stone basins prove great in unique bathroom design

When designing a bathroom there are a few things we need to consider. First of all, you should decide between modern and classic interior design. Having done that, it’s time to think about overall image of bathroom interior. For those of you after luxurious, natural and unique look of the bathroom, Lux4home offers a great range of stone sinks, stone basins, stone baths and stone tiles, altogether creating a complete solution for bathroom design.

Why choose stone sinks over ceramic sinks?

That’s a question some of you are going to ask anyways, so let’s focus on that for now. Some say stone basins are very expensive and intended for rich people with too much money to throw around. Well they couldn’t be more wrong! Truth is, stone sinks are practically priced the same as good quality ceramic sinks, with the advantage of being more durable and original. The very reason behind choosing a wash basin made of natural stone over a ceramic one is their uniqueness. They are in most cases one of the kind, as they are made from natural material as found in mother nature, a piece of rock given shape. Additionally, they are number one choice if you are looking for something to make your bathroom really stand out, that is look different than traditional bathrooms with white ceramic sinks and ceramic tiles seen everywhere. If you truly want your bathroom to be original, stone tiles, pebble tiles and stone sinks are your best bet.

stone sinks in bathroom design

Will stone sinks fit into any bathroom design?

The beauty of natural stone is that it fits in any design, be it classic or modern. Stone sinks and stone tiles, as well as marble tiles and pebble tiles will fit perfectly into any existing bathroom regardless of its design. But to bring out the real beauty of them the bathroom could be designed from scratch including stone tiles or pebble tiles on walls and floor as well as stone sink and maybe a touch of wood here and there. It has proved to be great mix on numerous occasions and all of our clients are extremely happy with their luxurious bathrooms, each of which is one of a kind.

Where to buy stone sinks and stone tiles in England?

Lux4home is a supplier of stone sinks, stone basins, stone baths, stone tiles, marble tiles, pebble tiles, natural stone tiles and stone claddings, delivering their goods across England. Please contact us by writing to or visit our website or store, both available under ‘contact’ tab at the top of the page.