Stone basins Black Quarry ArtStone 147a for bathroom

Wash basins TOP Black Quarry ArtStone 147a

stone basins

Stone sink design

Asymmetric sinks TOP Black Quarry ArtStone 147a from natural stone – marble stone Absolute Black – amaze with their quality of handiwork, ideal blackness of the stone and unique design. These sinks are a part of bathroom furnishing, making bathrooms above average and standing out with design  and bathroom ideas. These black sinks are definitely highest possible quality in stone sinks and interior design, as opposed to cheap, poor quality chinese copies, fragile with their thin sides. Hand made from a single block of stone, partially hammered on the outer surface, they’re available only on order. As a bathroom sink producer we can guarantee you perfect quality, long lasting and unique stone sink. Our employee in Indonesia, where our stone sinks originate, constantly oversees the production process to ensure the highest possible quality of the end products made from natural stone – marble, sandstone and onyx. Also, our basins have been awarded with all european CE quality and safety standards certificates that all sinks on european market need to pass. Beware cheap chinese marble stone products – they are poor quality and usually don’t even have the necessary certificates all the ceramic sinks have to have. These wash basins, made from marble stone, will transform every bathroom interior, modern or classic, into truly individual and unique environment on its own, that benefits from sink’s naturalness.

Sinks sizes

Sink model TOP Black Quarry ArtStone 147a is available in size 50 x 41 x 14 cm, where 14 is the height of the stone basin. This is the only size available for this sink model.

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